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Cheap Flights to Asia, Better Discounts On International Flights And Hotels. Oh, And Free Slurpees!

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Cheap Flights of the Day: I’m really liking this deal where you can visit both Tokyo and Hong Kong for under $800.  If you’re going to head to Asia and have the time to do more than one destination, this represents a solid deal.  If you have GPUs from United, an extra $150 gets you a Whiskey class fare.

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Hyatt Gold Passport announces award chart changes

Qantas Business Class review

Free Slurpees today!  I mean, it’s not free donuts or anything, but free is free!

The valuable British Airways AARP discount is getting more valuable

JetBlue is launching it’s awesome Mint service between LAX and South Florida.  They really are challenging the incumbent carriers in LAX and offering some pretty good fares while doing so.  That’s great competition for customers to help keep prices down, especially for premium products.  As Seth notes, some of these fares are half of what Virgin America is charging for an inferior product.

35% off Marriott properties in Latin America and the Caribbean

Will United’s flight attendants finally ratify a new contract?  Honestly, when I first saw that the contract was tentatively agreed to at a high level, I wondered if the rank & file would vote it down similar to what the American Airlines flight attendants did.  I quickly discounted it, thinking that it’s been this long for United to get as far as this proposal has come.  To me, it would be silly for the union to advance a contract at this late date that they didn’t have confidence in.

And yet, it now seems at least reasonably possible this deal is going to die.

15% discount on IHG cash & points reservations.  I like seeing when hotels tie in this sort of loyalty benefit.

Possible $15 credit for existing Uber customers

$11 worth of cleaning supplies from Target for $1.

Are you willing to give your Facebook account to a customs official?  This creeps me out a bit, but I guess it’s a good way for them to track people who either want to do bad things or overstay their welcome.

I’m still really not sure if I can wrap my arms around wine in a can (though I guess I just need to wrap my hand around the can…..).

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