TODAY ONLY: Super Low Prices On Some Cool Amazon Gadgets

Today is Amazon Prime Day.  It’s a vapor holiday that Amazon came up with a few years to celebrate their Prime service and sell bunches of stuff (for the record, if I could make up a holiday it would have something to do with donuts and watching lots of sports).  Anyway, Prime Day can mean some really good deals.

I don’t generally include a lot of referral links in my posts, and only then for products I actually use.  The Amazon links I share below are referral links for me and earn me a small bit of coin if you buy something from one of these links.  It’s the same price for you, and I appreciate the support of my blog.

I’ll be trolling for other Amazon deals but the first thing I noticed this morning was a handful of Amazon gadgets I’ve reviewed in the past are all showing really low prices:

Amazon Echo for $129(link to Amazon page):

Amazon Gadgets

When I originally reviewed Echo, I thought most people should wait a bit before buying.  I could see it was going to be awesome, but it wasn’t quite there yet.  They’ve added plenty of functionality (think Uber and pizza) and should be useful for a lot more folks.  Whether it’s adjusting temperature or turning lights on and off, Echo can do a lot more than play music.  $129 is the lowest price I’ve seen, lower than last year’s Black Friday sale.  If you’re interested, today’s a great day to buy.

Amazon Fire Tablet for $33.33(link to Amazon page):

Amazon Gadgets

This is also the lowest price I’ve seen, about a $1.50 cheaper than Black Friday.  I reviewed this tablet last year and was really surprised at how good it was considering the price.

Amazon Tap for $99 (link to Amazon page):

Amazon Gadgets


Tap and Dot are sister products to Alexa.  Think of Tap as a mobile Echo, where you can use Alexa for tasks on the go on top of having mobile music.

The Final Two Pennies

You can see all the Amazon device deals on one page.  The ones above are just my favorites of the bunch.  These are the lowest prices I can recall seeing on each of these devices, in some cases a whole bunch cheaper than the normal price.  Considering Amazon’s return policy if you just don’t like something, today’s a great day to buy if you’re on the fence.

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