Last Day For $10 Discount Only For Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap Users

Today is Amazon Prime Day.

It’s a vapor holiday that Amazon came up with a few years to celebrate their Prime service and sell bunches of stuff (for the record, if I could make up a holiday it would have something to do with donuts and watching lots of sports).  Anyway, Prime Day can mean some really good deals.

I don’t generally include a lot of referral links in my posts, and only then for products I actually use.  The Amazon links I share below are referral links for me and earn me a small bit of coin if you buy something from one of these links.  It’s the same price for you, and I appreciate the support of my blog.

Amazon is offering a $10 discount for anyone that orders directly from their Echo, Dot or Tap for the first time.  Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the article until today, but the deal has been available since late last week.

An easy $10 if you have one of these devices.

The Echo and Tap are actually on sale today for the lowest prices I’ve seen in quite a while.

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