Cheap Flights To Fiji, Marriott Launching Members Only Rates And A New Airline Elite Program

Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: $664 to fly to Fiji, which is a really solid price.  Go from hot to cold with Alaska fares in the low $400s.

In Case You Missed It: I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift card, drink tickets and lounge passes.

InsideFlyer Post of the Day: The $400 discount for Qantas tickets appears to be back from AMEX Offers.

Marriott is launching “members only” rates.  Every time I see a hotel chain attempt this, I think “why the heck didn’t you do this years ago?”.  Unless there’s some contract restriction with the OTAs to offer rate parity, I’d never offer my lowest rate through an OTA.  I thought Hyatt was on the right track with My Elite Rate, though maybe the discount was too high.  Given how much the OTAs charge for commission, I would only be dumping inventory there when I was positive I couldn’t sell it.  And, if I was paying 10% to the OTA, I’d certainly consider the same discount for people to book directly with me and have more control over the booking.

What do you do when you end up beside someone sick on a flight?  Personally, I take the proactive approach of loading up like crazy on Vitamin C.  If you don’t like drinking lots of OJ, you can always buy Emergen-C in bulk!

I forgot to include this a few days ago.  United Airlines and New Air New Zealand are starting a joint venture.

A new way to leverage Hertz Gold Plus Rewards?  I’d still rank this behind one-way rentals and crediting directly to Southwest since the promos there are usually worth it for anything longer than a single day rental.

Probably one of the best blog post titles of the month!

5 quick tips to save money at Disney.

Norwegian Air has a new elite program.  Where I used to be quite the LCC snob, always wanting to fly in those comfy seats up front, my opinion has changed a bit.  I really enjoyed the Norwegian flight I took late last year and I’d definitely fly them again.

Try Lyft, get free Starbucks.  I’m still not really into the whole pink mustache, fist bump, hop in the front seat thing.  But, to each his own.

Worth the weekly read.  Seth’s new weekly column, Coach Confidential.

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