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Dirt Cheap Flights To Europe, New Routes And How To Get Your Miles Quicker From Credit Card Spend

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Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points today:

Cheap Flights Of The Day: SAS has shockingly low fares from LAX to Europe for the launch of their new service.  Frontier is announcing some new routes and discounting the launch of those routes.

Qantas has inked  partnership with ViaSat to provide in-flight connectivity.  This on the heels of American trying get out of their contract with Gogo to potentially sign with ViaSat as well.

If you need your miles to post sooner from your Citibank credit card, you can actually ask Citi to expedite for a fee.  Contrary to Doctor of Credit I think the $35 fee is reasonable if you really need the miles to ticket the award.

Charles McCool offers 6 websites to make you a happy traveler.  We don’t agree on #4, but otherwise I think it’s a good list!

A really good piece by Cranky Flier on the current situation in Haneda. Good points on how airlines up-gauge Tokyo flights as a whole in the warmer months.  I can’t say I was surprised that some of the original silliness with Haneda slots was tied to Delta given their behavior throughout this process.

While we’re on the subject of Cranky Flier, he breaks down the Spirit conference call, which outlines their desire to improve their customer service.  Shouldn’t be hard to see some improvement given how poor the airline performs right now.

Virgin Atlantic makes it easier and more expensive to upgrade on their flights.  I think I’m generally okay with the changes, though I still have yet to fly them.



  1. Thank you, Ed, for including mention of and link to my current article. Ha, I definitely see why you (and your readers) will disagree with #4. Does that mean y’all are NOT happy travelers? 😀 Or should I revise?

    1. Charles, maybe I’m old-fashioned (though you’ve got a few years on me), but I’m still a traditional hotel guy. I suspect I feel about Airbnb the same way my father feels about the iPhone or Internet banking. I am curious to hear what other readers would say. Might have to be a new poll question!

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