Cool AVGeek App Makes Me Want To Get A New Gadget

a map of the united states

Okay, so I totally geeked out on this when I read it.  The original article is a couple of months old, and it’s about the new Apple TV.  I own a couple of the original versions of the Apple TV.  I’ve thought about upgrading, and although this wouldn’t be the reason, this app is way cool.

Avgeek App

I love how the reviewer says:

Well I guess the point is I wrote that sentence a quarter of an hour ago and have spent the intervening fifteen minutes engrossed in exploring the busy skies around me, and dreaming of far-off places. Genuinely fascinating.

Like I said, unlikely to buy new Apple TVs just for this.  But, I did download the iPhone app and my daughter and I had a ball with it for 10 minutes before she went to bed.  There’s also an Android app for you folks who haven’t assimilated yet.

Avgeek App
iPhone App Screenshot of 3,000 Active Flights

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  1. Is this any different than Fightradar24? I’ve used that one for a while, especially when I’m at the airport or see plans overhead that I can’t readily identify.

    1. Ncsam, I have flightradar24 though I haven’t used in a while. The interface is a little different. I like Plane Finder a bit better, though admittedly part of that is thinking about having it up in my office on the TV while I’m working. 😉

  2. I’ve considered buying this for my AppleTV. I saw the app a few weeks ago and thought the same thing of just siting there mesmerized at the activity.

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