Did Marriott Rewards Make MegaBonus More Lucrative After The Fact?

Even though hotel promotions have gotten less rewarding over the last few years, you’ll frequently hear me remind you to sign up for all of them regardless of your travel plans.  I proved out my own logic recently when I had a pop-up stay with Marriott.

I rarely stay at Marriott hotels, it’s probably been 4 or 5 years since my last stay.  And, this most recent stay wasn’t even technically a Marriott, it was a Delta hotel in Canada.  But, it got me to login to my Marriott Rewards account a second time after I had already registered for the current MegaBonus promotion.

This is how my MegaBonus registration looked the first time I logged in:

Marriott Rewards

Nothing overly exciting for me since I didn’t plan two Marriott stays in the promo time period.  But, that second time I logged in I saw this:

Marriott Rewards

It contained two new elements while referencing the original MegaBonus offer.  I could now:

  1. Earn 10,000 bonus points after 15 paid nights and an additional 2,000 points for each paid night after that, up to 20,000 bonus points.
  2. A bit unclear whether at 15 nights or 20 nights, I would unlock “Win #3”, which was a new (secret) bonus point offer.

If the structure looks familiar, that’s because it’s eerily similar to Starwood Preferred Guest’s addition to their promo.

Since I plan no further Marriott stays this quarter I won’t be finding out what Win #3 is.  But, if you’re a Marriott Rewards fan, you probably want to login again and check your account for additional offers.

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