50% Frontier Sale And Why They May Be THE Airline To Consider If You Need A Ski Vacation

I’ve still never flown Frontier but I’m starting to become more convinced I should.  They consistently have low price sales that seem attractive, especially if you belong to their Discount Den.  The knock is that there’s a lot of fees to fly them, but we’ll get back to that.  First….

They’re having a 50% off sale for a handful of dates over the next few months:

Frontier Sale For Ski

Kind of  a kitschy way to talk about Super Bowl 50, down to the color of the two fish.  This discount expires tomorrow for these 7 dates.  It covers Valentine’s Day if you want to take a quick flight with your date!

If you’re a skier, they have another sale going on that dovetails into a promotion and other products they offer.  First, the sale:

Frontier Sale For Ski

I saw a note about their “Works” package on the website offering a “no snow” guarantee.  I dug a little further, and it’s really just the ability to cancel at any time with the Works fares.  That in and of itself probably wouldn’t be that unique.

But, that lead me to a link on their website that offered 2-for-1 passes to Copper Mountain, a ski resort near Breckenridge, about a 2-hour drive from Denver Airport.  The discount is good for a ski pass up to 7 days in length.  Depending on when you ski, it looks like a 7-day pass is roughly $500 at the cheapest and goes up quite a bit from there.

***A reader commented that I might be wrong on being able to get a 7-day pass with this offer.  The T&C isn’t 100% clear and I’m trying to get clarification.  But, it’s possible this is just for a 1-day ticket.  Even a 1-day offer is pretty good, but not as sweet as a 7-day ticket.

I’m a pretty novice skier, but I have a good friend Mike who’s much better than me.  He considers himself an intermediate skier and really enjoys Copper.

Those savings at a good resort in Colorado are the real deal, so I did a bit of research into how much it costs to add “The Works” to a Frontier ticket.  That package gives you things like a free checked bag (including skis) and the ability to change/refund your ticket as well as get a better seat.  The prices were all over the place, but I generally found them to be between $60 and $75 for Denver tickets.
Frontier Sale For Ski

All this adds up to Frontier looking pretty darn good as an airline for skiers bound for Colorado.  They may not have the most legroom, but with some extra space in that Works package and plenty of savings on lift tickets, it’s hard not to give them a look.

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  1. I think you are likely misinterpreting the ski pass. I read it as a single day pass valid for redemption (i.e. purchase) up to 7 days after the flight.

    1. Matt, it’s a valid point. I’ve read back through the T&C to try and interpret the way you denote. I could see it being read that way but I don’t think it’s clear cut a single-day pass (nor a 7-day pass). The comment about “must be used within 2 days of buying the lift ticket” is probably the clearest comment in favor of your interpretation, but still doesn’t really clarify the point. I’m going to try to reach out to someone at Frontier and confirm.

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