Cheap Flights To Vegas, A Blogger Detained By Police And The Most Despicable Person I’ve Read About In Weeks

I ended up in a pretty interesting place this week, Kelowna, British Columbia.  For those unfamiliar, it’s located in between Vancouver and Calgary and has the weather of neither.  While it was cold during my visit, the summers see temperatures over 100 from time-to-time (that’s Fahrenheit, eh) and a prolonged warm season to allow for plenty of outdoor activities and awesome local wines (Okanagan).  That was a new dot on my map and four new lines (DEN-YVR,YVR-YLW, YLW-YYC, YYC-DEN).

I posted a Best of the Rest yesterday so I’m surprised to see so many links that were of interest to me.  Maybe they aren’t all up your alley, but there’s bound to be something of interest here for just about everyone:

Cheap Flight of the Day: Las Vegas for $86.  Not on Spirit but probably influenced by their pricing.  There’s also flights to Costa Rica for under $300.

A big sale on Hilton points may be a good fit for families planning summer and winter vacations.  I’m still a Hyatt and SPG guy, but Hilton has properties in so many markets I do understand the draw by some.  As a reminder, I rarely think it’s a good idea to buy points unless you have a specific redemption in mind that you need them for within the next 12 months.

Air France is retiring the 747.  One Mile at a Time has organized a handful of good videos about the Queen of the Skies.

This is really just despicable.  This woman faked terminal cancer to get, among other things, free travel.  On top of jail, she should be forced to perform community service to help those with cancer until she repays the money she stole.  This story really makes me nauseous.

The story of a blogger who gets detained by police and questioned by the IRS for trying to generate spending on credit cards…..

Mmmm, donuts.  Get $10 free from Dunkin Donuts when you load $25 on your DD card.

This won’t last!  American Airlines has 2 business class seats available on a ton of flights to New Zealand.

Finally, I can buy a Coke at DFW Airport.  It’s not so much the Coke, but I’m not a huge fan of Aquafina, pretty much the only water you can buy in the entire airport (a place I end up quite a bit).

Seriously.  Why don’t concerts ever break out on one of my flights?  I’m on a lot of planes, you figure my odds would be good.

And, while we’re on the subject of concerts…..

Video of the inside of a plane after an explosion punches a hotel in the fuselage.  Scary.

Earn up to 20,000 bonus miles on American’s new Tokyo Haneda flight.  This is American’s second foray into Haneda and it’s not been without plenty of controversy.  I’m tempted to book one of these to get the miles and the new dot/line.

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    1. Dave, I discuss all aspects of travel. Assume you’re referring to the lady that scammed the free travel. It may not be your type of story, but it struck a chord with me.

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