$2 Hotel Rooms In Manhattan!

Room rates in Manhattan have been disgustingly high for as long as I can recall.  It’s one of my favorite places to redeem hotel points since I usually get some phenomenal value. In a market where $400 nights rates are the norm, $2 is just awesome, especially if you’re in the NYC area.  The rates are for one night only at the Knickerbocker hotel as they celebrate their 109th anniversary.

I saw it on InsideFlyer just now(thanks to Iolaire for pointing it out!).  I’ve never stayed at the Knickerbocker but think it would be worth it if I was able to bring Michelle to NYC for their birthday celebration.  And, you can’t beat the price!

$2 Hotel Rooms

Here’s the thing.  You need to register before October 16th to be eligible to grab one of the rooms when they put them on sale.  I’m guessing they’ll announce the winners either late on the 16th or sometime on the 17th.

Let me know if you score a $2 hotel room!

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