A Quick Test Of “Hyatt Has It” Reveals They Do Have It But Might Have Delivery Kinks To Work Out

I remember fondly when my wife and I were still dating and started traveling to fun and exotic places together.  Well, except for the fact that she used to bring everything with her when she traveled.  She never really believed me when I said the hotel would have a hair dryer.  And, occasionally I would be wrong and there wouldn’t be one.   Those days are long gone.  I don’t recall any hotel I’ve stayed at since before American Idol or Survivor existed that was absent a hair dryer.

With a new program they’ve just rolled out called “Hyatt Has It“, it sounds like Hyatt listened to my wife (and lots of other women) and are now offering a ton of staple items and a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t consider basics.  All are essentially free for the asking.

Hyatt Has It

The flat iron and curling iron are things I always see my wife tuck into the suitcase for travel.  An in-room humidifier would be a huge plus for me in markets like Denver.  Hyatt is also promoting the fact that they’ll hang the item in a bag on your door handle with a subtle knock so you don’t have to hop out of the shower or otherwise stop getting ready to answer the door.  For the most part, though, when I read the list I found it was focused (as expected) on things a woman might normally need, no offense to guys who do yoga.  So, I suspected I wouldn’t be testing this service out anytime soon.

And, then I left my toothbrush at home when I left on a recent business trip.  Toothpaste isn’t an issue since it’s a Hyatt brand standard to have a tube in the bathroom of every room.  I called downstairs to ask them to bring up a toothbrush, which they said would be no problem.  I was meeting a colleague in the club lounge so I slipped the do not disturb sign on the door and headed out. I figured that would be a good enough signal to the hotel employee bringing up the toothbrush that I wasn’t going to answer the door.

I returned a bit over 30 minutes later and there was nothing hanging on my door knob.  That was a bit disappointing but not the end of the world, I figured I could just go downstairs and buy a toothbrush.  Needless to say I was a bit surprised when I noticed a toothbrush, some mouthwash and an extra tube of toothpaste in the bathroom.  I generally consider the do not disturb sign as a big, bright red stop sign for hotel employees.  I wasn’t overly disappointed, just surprised.

Anyway, I’ll be interested to try the program again when traveling with my wife, as there are plenty of things on the list she could take advantage of.

Now, I just have to convince her not to pack that flat iron…..

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  1. Agree. I love the idea that you can have a yoga mat or light weights in our room as well!
    Now, if I can convince my own self not to pack a flat iron!

    1. Susan, I won’t be placing any bets on when my wife stops packing a flat iron. I’m pretty excited about the humidifier and I assume my wife will like the yoga mat and weights as well!

  2. I think more and more hotels are doing this sort of thing. We were in the Crown Plaza in Seattle a few weeks ago and noticed I had not packed deodorant, A quick call to housekeeping gave me options of “mens” or “womens”, and “how many did I need?”. I, also had stepped out of the room, but they did not leave the item. I had to call back 30 minutes later for him to reappear with the item for me.

    1. Laura, it does surprise me a bit that a CP would be doing this. Hyatt has always tried to cater to a guest that spends a bit more money on their stays. And, while CP is not Holiday Inn Express, I still get the sense that most mid-range properties would prefer you spent a few bucks in the gift shop buying a new deodorant.

    1. Kalboz, I did see your post! Glad to see Hyatt continues to exceed your expectations. My only fear with Hyatt stepping up its game is more people becoming Hyatt loyalists and stealing my upgrades!

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