1,000 Free Hilton HHonors Points, Finally

A few weeks ago, Hilton announced they were awarding 1,000 free HHonors points for changing your password.  I thought this was a really smart way to encourage folks to create more security on their account.  Giving out 1,000 points is certainly an affordable way to deal with cyber-theft, especially since some of those miles will almost certainly go unused.

The only problem was, Hilton wasn’t actually ready to have you change your password.  They announced shortly after the initial release of info that people should wait….

Things appear to be back on track now, with multiple people reporting success.

This is a no-brainer for customers.  For starters, you should change your password anyway.  Before this offer, mine was just a 4-digit pin that hadn’t been changed in years (maybe a decade?).  And, the points will extend the expiration date of your account if you stay with Hilton infrequently like I do.

1,000 points may not be worth much, but they’re free, so do this today.

Since I’m locked in seminars all week, posting pictures is troublesome, so Deals We Like has some easy screenshots if you need to figure out how to do this.

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    1. Blanche, mine haven’t shown up either. I don’t spend a lot of time chasing Hilton points, so I don’t have a good gauge on how long it would take.

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