GIVEAWAY: Best Aviation Humor Coasters Ever

I picked these up a few months ago during my travels and they’ve been sitting on my desk since then.

Best Aviation
I mean, what traveler doesn’t have at least one crazy flight attendant story?

I have a total of 6 of these, and I’ll be giving them away via this post.  Some will be random and some will be based on folks that make me laugh.  Leave a comment and/or a funny story about travel and I’ll pick winners on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015.

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  1. One of the strangest things I’ve seen in an in-flight magazine was a disclaimer in small print. It was written on a promo CD for dial-up internet and stated, “WARNING: Compact Disc not to be used as a flotation device.”

    1. Andrew, that’s awesome. Skymall? I imagine some lawyer got paid good money to come up with that disclaimer.

  2. I was flying in Qatar business Doha-JFK and was treated to a veritable sound and smell show by a couple of my co passengers. They were a somewhat elderly couple who had just finished eating 2 plates of dinner and had downed at least 3 glasses of wine. The gentleman goes off to sleep first while his wife watches some movie and starts snoring within 5 minutes. Tempo picks up and I guess his wife feels she would be better off going to sleep herself. The she starts snoring. To match her husband. I sort of now know what it must have sounded like during the world war blitzkrieg. Then the farts commence. I barely escaped with my life on that trip and since then I always carry a perfumed handkerchief with me on all my flights.

  3. Mark Twain was correct when he said that I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.

  4. I noticed on one of our last flights that the air sickness bags had these instructions on them:
    “Do not put back in seat pocket after use.”
    Which makes me think someone must have have done that for them to need to have that written on the bag.

  5. I try to speak simple phrases in the language of the country we are traveling to. Sometimes I overthink “simple”. In Mexico I called the front desk of the hotel and she greets me in Spanish so I want to ask if she speaks English instead of assuming she does. So I reply “habla Espanol?” The poor lady had no idea how to answer me since she was just speaking Spanish. Then we were in Paris last month. Every time I answered “yes” I kept saying “si” and then realizing that was wrong I would say “no, oui”. Good thing everyone laughed at me and knew what I meant when each time I was basically “yes, no, yes”.

  6. My buddy and I were in NYC and we were riding the subway. The Yankees game had gotten out a while ago so it was still somewhat crowded (relevant later). A girl across the train looked over at him and noticed his camera, asking if he was a photographer. He responded that it was his hobby, not thinking more of it. She asks if she can see his pictures, motioning that he sit next to her. He obliges.

    As they’re going through the photo, she asks him if we just came from the game, to which he responds in the negative, though he’d love the photo op. She then casually mentions, “I want to go to the baseball game tomorrow, but I no one wants go to with me.” At this point, our car is rolling into the station station we’re disembarking at so he says, “Oh, sorry to hear that. Hope you find someone… well this is our stop, nice to meet you” and promptly gets off with me.

    To use a baseball metaphor, I couldn’t stop laughing when he realized she had pitched him a softball when he didn’t even know he was in the game. Still give him crap about this every now and then.

  7. Not a funny, but a kindness: Left wallet and passport sitting in a gas station when refueling a rental car in Germany to return it and fly from Weeze airport, a few miles down the road. Didn’t notice until trying to check in to fly to Stockholm, and was searching frantically through the luggage before I realized where the wallet must be. Ran back to car rental desk to beg him to let me use the (already turned in) rental car to drive to the gas station to get my wallet back. Instead, the rental agent showed me that he had my wallet! He said the gas station guy had seen that we had left the wallet, run outside to catch us and seen the Budget car rental sticker on the car. He guessed we might be returning it at the airport down the road, so he left his business to drive to the airport to see if we could be found. The car rental desk agreed to take it and hoped we’d come there looking for it. By the time we got to the counter, the Good Samaritan had already gone back to work, so we didn’t even have time to thank him before we ran to rush to catch our flight. It saved our day and holiday, though.

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