Another Quick 787 Update: ANA And Japan Airlines Ground Their Fleets

Hat tip to Wandering Aramean.  I saw his post about 15 minutes after my post detailing the emergency landing earlier today in Japan.

Here’s a link to a Chicago Tribune story.  It doesn’t contain a whole lot of new information from my previous post.  There was a warning on a short flight earlier today in Japan involving the same type of battery that led to a fire on a JAL 787 last week.  There were reports of an odor of smoke onboard, and the plane landed shortly thereafter without further incident.  No passengers were hurt.

I’m still a 787 believer.  But, I think Seth sums it up well.  This isn’t the end of the world, though some will make it out to be.  We’ll be flying this plane for a long time to come.  And, for now, things are going to take a step back.  I’m not sure if United will follow suit and ground it’s 787 fleet but I suspect we’ll know that shortly.

I have 100% faith in Boeing and I’m sure they’ll work to resolve this issue like they have in the past.  It was before my time, but decades ago, before there was the constant drone of social media (and all of us annoying bloggers) United issued a press release that was along the lines of, “We think the 777 is the biggest piece of crap we’ve ever seen.”  And, now it’s one of the most reliable planes in aviation history.

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