Pizza In The News: 787 Article In Huffington Post

Lots of people are concerned about flying on a 787.  And, no doubt the news about the recent fires is reason to give some people pause.  But, I’m really not concerned.

I was quoted in an Associated Press piece yesterday about my confidence in the Boeing 787.

“I’m as excited today to get on a 787 as I was a year ago,” says Edward Pizzarello, a travel blogger who has logged four flights on the 787, which Boeing calls the Dreamliner. “Boeing will fix this, and I’ll be flying on this plane for many years.”

And I am.  I understand there have been numerous instances recently.  I’ve chronicled them here, and here.  And, also here.

But, these still really strike me as minor issues.  If the FAA were to lift the restrictions tomorrow, I would hop on a 787 right away if given the opportunity.

In today’s age of social media, there is a ton of media attention surrounding the 787 problems.  But, almost 20 years ago, Boeing’s 777 was the subject of massive criticism by United Airlines, it’s launch customer.  While I can’t find the press release, they sent out a press release calling the plane something along the lines of a disaster and a failure.  It’s now one of the most reliable planes in aviation history.

I respect the decision the FAA made to ground the planes.  If they can’t figure out what’s making the batteries catch on fire, it’s a prudent step to protect the flying public.  Boeing will figure out a solution and return the 787 to the air so the plane can start building it’s own legacy as a plane with groundbreaking technology.


  1. I think you make a fine point here, especially about the press’s coverage. USA Today allready has this bird dead and buried before causes are even found and other media’s are just as vicious. And that is what’s different about the 787 bad press vs the 777’s. Twenty years is al long time in today’s world.
    Because of the public’s appetite for news and news agencies under the gun to provide them with it, many stories get out without fact checking sources or information provided by “3rd parties” or “unnamed sources who wish to remain anonymous”.
    Am I concerned about the 787. Not really. Will this get fixed. Yes, and when it does you’ll never hear another word about it.

    1. general45, all good comments. I like the quote from the ex-Transportation Department individual about how “serious” this is. “Nobody wants to get on a plane with these things happening.”

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