More Boeing 787 Dreamliner Miscues

If you follow my blog, it’s no secret I’m a big Dreamliner fan.  From the inaugural flight BOS-NRT on Japan Airlines to StarMegaDO2 and the best party in the air, StarMegaDO4, I’ve enjoyed every minute flying on (and crawling around) this plane of the future.

Last week we had the fire on a 787 in Boston and the subsequent knee-jerk (IMO) “special top-level review” by the FAA.

And now, there’s a Wall Street Journal report of a 787 emergency landing in Japan.  Quoting from the article:

The local fire department in Takamatsu confirmed that all passengers and crew had been evacuated from the aircraft safely and that smoke was no longer coming from the plane.

An official at the Transport ministry said it had confirmed the emergency landing and that the plane’s emergency slides were deployed, but had no further information. The official said the ministry was looking into reports of smoke.

Shockingly, this isn’t good news.  It sounds fairly similar to the fire in Boston based on another quote from the article:

All Nippon Airways Co.(stock prices excerpted) said a Boeing Co. (ditto) 787 Dreamliner made an emergency landing at an airport in southern Japan after a battery alarm alert, the latest in a series of incidents with the new jetliner.

We’ll stay tuned for more details on this one.  The severity of this issue will almost certainly impact the future of the 787.

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