Join Us For a Private Boeing Tour on the StarMegaDo2

I’m getting ready to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, at least for travel nuts.  Here’s a brief excerpt from the description of the event:

Where else can you:

* Drink Champagne and chat with dozens of airline executives, including the top brass of the new United, the world’s largest airline. That’s right. Tell Jeff he’d better not remove Economy Plus — in person. Tell Herr Wolfgang to shut down the BMI call centers in India. Buy Doug a 2USD Coke! Oh, and of course have a great meal and unlimited Champagne on their tab!

* Hang out with the Starwood executives & tell Chris that it’s time to give Platinums free breakfast

* Participate in influential workshops, get the exclusive inside tours, and yes, you can get your picture taken inside an airplane engine

* Fly on very special party flights across the Atlantic to Frankfurt and then To Houston. Send ACARS messages between the 3 aircrafts that have FTers on board – a Lufthansa 747, a Swiss A330 and an Austrian 777.

* Have lunch under a 777

* Get a very exclusive inside tour of Boeing, the leaders of civil aviation’s home in Seattle. Be among the very few who have landed with a jet at the private airport Everett. Be one of the first in the world to get a close look at the new queen of the skies – the 747-8 Intercontinental, and also the plane of the future – the 787 Dreamliner

* Take part in the first Frequent Traveler Awards (the voice of the Frequent Flyer), in the Spirit of the Freddies. Meet celebrities and airline executives from all over the world who will be attending the awards

* Fly on a special chartered plane* with very special catering and service. (Can you say Champagne better than Krug? Can you say XO? Can you say 30 year old Single Malt?) Oh, and you will of course earn miles (d’oh, this is Flyertalk!)

There are still some seats left on the private charter flight.  If you’re as crazy as I am, I hope you’ll consider coming along.  Information can be found on Flyertalk at:

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