Why Not Buy Your Own Dreamliner?

There’s plenty of stories out there about Saudi princes who have their own jumbo jets.  During a trip to Boeing last year, we were even able to see one of the brand new 747-8i planes being built.  It was leaving the factory shortly after our visit to head over to the business jet division to be outfitted for a Saudi prince (or so the story went).

There’s even a news story floating around about a Saudi prince who bought an A380.  The oil business is one heck of a profitable business.

And, apparently, so is commodity computers.  Or, at least Michael Dell has enough family money to buy his own Dreamliner, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

No news on whether he’s putting a concert hall in like the Saudi prince, or whether it’s definitely for his personal use.

As noted in the WSJ piece:

According to securities filings, Mr. Dell currently owns his own private aircraft and is reimbursed by the computer maker for some of the use and management of the aircraft, which totaled $2.3 million during the company’s 2012 fiscal year.

With discounts, a 787 probably costs him something more than $100 million, so the yearly costs might be a smidge higher than his current plane.

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