Denver International Airport Construction And Concession Updates

Denver airport is an airport I fly into and out of quite frequently.  They’ve undertaken a massive construction project to not only add a hotel beside the airport but also to bring mass transit (train) to the main terminal as well.

There’s some pictures and info here about what the final project is supposed to look like, although that may not end up being the final look and feel since that design firm has since withdrawn from the project.

At any rate, there’s been a flurry of activity over the past 9 months with lots of new traffic patterns and road closures.  I had reported on some of the early dust flying back during the summer, and now there are actual signs of progress.

Airport Construction


Airport Construction


These first two pictures are of the eventual hotel site.  It’s fully excavated right now, and being used mostly as a staging area for the construction of the vehicle and train ramps.

Airport Construction


These are the pylons that will ultimately support the new vehicle and train ramps.  Progress, but still a long way to go.

Inside the terminal there are a few positive updates as well.  Terminal B (home of United Airlines) is getting an Elway’s Colorado Steakhouse.  I’ve dined at both of their Denver locations and enjoyed my meals at both (though I’m partial to the one attached to the Ritz).  While I don’t generally linger long enough in an airport for a steak, this is a great quality addition to the airport.

Airport Construction


Terminal A (home to American, Frontier, Lufthansa, Air Canada and others) gets a Vino Volo wine bar.  There’s one of these at my home airport of IAD (Washington-Dulles) but I’ve never stopped in.  The reviews I’ve heard are generally positive.

Airport Construction


The first time I saw this sign it said “Coming Winter 2012”.  A week later that part of the sign was gone so no clear indication of when they open.

I consider Denver to be one of the nicer airports I fly through and to on a consistent basis.  It’s clean and there are plenty of good food options.  The lounges are sizable and well located.  I’ve never been a big airport hotel guy but I am a believer in mass transit.  With all that, I think the visible signs of improvement here are exactly that, improvement.  I’m looking forward to seeing the final product, even if it is quite a ways away.



  1. Have tried Vino Volo at SeaTac when I bumped into friends there, & found it to be a great place for some substantial nibbles & drinks for a catch-up that isn’t a meal, but more than just a bar.

  2. I have to disagree with your comment about the food. Although I like DEN as an airport, it’s a relative food desert. I’ve seen better offerings almost everywhere else I go.

    1. Scottrick, I guess it depends to some degree on which terminal you spend time in. When I started traveling to DEN it was to/from the C terminal. I enjoyed Dazbog coffee, Einstein Bros (not that it’s anything special, but consistent) and Woody Creek Bakery. In the A terminal (when AA moved), I thought Denver Chophouse and Mesa Verde are reasonable options. When I switched to UA last year, I found that I would go out of my way to grab a sandwich from Heidi’s and that was about it. So, while I don

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