CLEAR Lanes at Denver Airport Now Integrated With Pre-Check

I’ve written in the past about my fondness for both CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check.  There are plenty frequent travelers who feel otherwise.  Since I don’t see either of these systems going anywhere anytime soon, I’m always happy when they expand or enhance their offerings.

CLEAR is trying something new, integrating the CLEAR lane with the TSA Pre-Check lane at Denver International Airport:


There’s no date listed on when they’re getting started, so I assume it’s already in place.  I’ll be in Denver this week so I’ll try and update once I see what’s going on.  It’s only on the South side of the terminal.  This is the end where United is. And, since United is one of the carriers with the largest presence at DIA, I usually stay away from this end of the airport and sneak in to the North security entrance or walk over to A terminal and enter there, as the lines are always shorter down that end.  I may need to change that procedure in the future.

This solves one of my remaining annoyances with CLEAR.  In some places, the lanes are located in an area where you end up in the family security line as opposed to the expert line.  That seemed silly to me, but I chalked it up to TSA not cooperating with CLEAR.  Seems like that might be changing.


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