Cheap Flights To The Caribbean, Discounted Delta Awards And The Smackdown in Dallas

Today’s Best of the Rest includes cheap flights to the Caribbean, London and Scandinavia, award seats to Asia, another A380 coming to DC and the judge delivers a beatdown ON Dallas IN Dallas.

Hop Onboard Norwegian Air’s Inaugural Flight From New York To The Caribbean

Hop onboard the inaugural Norwegian Air flight to the Caribbean with me. You’ll be surprised how this low-cost carrier handles some typical services you might expect them to charge for. See how much legroom you can expect and how you can score extra legroom pretty affordably.

Amazon Prime Same-Day Delivery Rocks!

Amazon Prime Same-Day shipping service is rolling out in a bunch of metropolitan markets and I got my first taste of it this week. I’m already hooked. Find out if the service is free in your area…..

Hotel Review: Le Meridien Arlington, VA

It’s been quite a while since I’ve stayed at a Le Meridien hotel. If my memory serves me correctly, it was 6 years ago at Le Meridien Barcelona on La Rambla. It’s possible the brand standards have shifted since then, but I don’t think that was the case. This was a curious stay. Not necessarily bad in all respects, but likely one that won’t yield a return visit anytime soon. To start, I need to compliment the front desk staff. They were exceedingly nice as well as very attentive. They […]

Boeing Union Affirms New Contract, Secures Future Of 777X in Washington

Late Friday night the Boeing machinist union voted to accept management’s latest contract offer. I predicted it would be a close vote but I thought the local union leadership would sway enough folks to vote no even though they were likely casting a vote to phase out their jobs long-term. It was close (51-49) but the union voted yes, which means, in theory, labor harmony until next decade and a firm decision by Boeing to build the vast majority of the 777X in the Seattle area. The 777X is likely […]

What To Expect From The Boeing Union Vote Friday

When Boeing union members widely rejected the latest contract offer recently, it seemed to largely indicate that Boeing would move production of significant parts of the 777X out of Washington state.  The wing is the likely thing getting moved, and after the failed vote Boeing made good on its promise to seek proposals from a number of states to move these future jobs elsewhere. At the time, Boeing was coy about whether they would come back to the bargaining table.  But, I predicted in that last post that Boeing would […]

What Does The Recent Boeing Union Vote Mean For The 777X?

The Boeing machinists union rejected a new contract offer from Boeing just about a week ago.  I was actually in the camp that thought they would accept the offer, though probably not by a wide margin.  Instead, they soundly rejected it by a margin of 2 to 1. For those that haven’t been following along, Boeing was offering the union a lengthy extension to their current contract but with concessions.  Some of those concessions were painful, like moving to a 401K style retirement plan instead of a defined pension.  But, […]