Amazon Prime Same-Day Delivery Rocks!

6 hours and 7 minutes.

I’ve relied on Amazon Prime for a number of years for both business and personal needs.  They offer great pricing and speedy delivery on so many items.  I had read an announcement recently that Amazon was going to start offering free same-day delivery to Amazon Prime account holders in a handful of major metropolitan markets.  I thought it was interesting, but since it’s a 40 mile drive from DC proper (one of the major markets) to my house, I figured the same-day service wouldn’t stretch out into the boonies.

This past Sunday, though, it occurred to me that Amazon had opened a warehouse near Dulles Airport, so as I was surfing Amazon for an item I needed I began to wonder, especially given this note on some of the items I was researching:

Amazon Prime

When I had enough eligible items in my cart to exceed the $35 minimum, these are the shipping options I was presented with:

Amazon Prime

I placed the order and went about my day.  6 hours and 7 minutes later, the box showed up on my doorstep.  On a Sunday.  For free.




Here are the metro markets they are rolling out free same-day shipping in:

  • Washington DC
  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Dallas Ft-Worth
  • Indianapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco (and Oakland)
  • Seattle
  • San Diego
  • Tampa

A few of these are puzzling to me (Tampa, not Miami? and, no Chicago?).  But, it represents a big chunk of the country.

Amazon Prime gets you lots of other free goodies I don’t use much, like thousands of free TV shows and movies that you can stream (my kids use this).  But, for me, knowing I don’t have to run to the store means I can sit at my desk and get more work done.  Or, jump in the pool with my kids.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you really should think about it.  And, if you click on this link you can get a free 30-day trial.  Signing up for an Amazon Prime trial through that link earns me a small referral credit, and I appreciate your support if you take the time to give it a try.

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  1. Amazon Prime Now does rock, I agree. In addition it DOES work in Miami. I used it for a Sunday afternoon rush order the day I discovered it a few weeks ago. I know Miami does not show as one of the markets in their video but it does. they sent me an email, I discovered it and saved myself a trip to Publix the same day. The cleaning supplies I ordered for my Coral Gables condo arrived at 2:30 PM after I had ordered them at 12:15. I was shocked! I’m a convert now! BTW, if you’re in a major metropolitan area make sure to check your zip code even if it does not show in their map. It seems they cover quite a few segments of areas not currently shown on the maps.

  2. I wonder what carrier they are using for these same day deliveries? I have also been using Google Express which in markets including Boston and DC offers same day delivery from a small selection of stores. You can order well in to the afternoon, and pick the 6pm to 10pm delivery window. Also the items often arrive in nice Google bags that you can re-use. I have not been able to talk to one of the drivers to see what carrier they are with, or if they are sort of like Uber drivers?
    Google Express offers a program that is kind of like Amazon Prime where for $95 you get free same day delivery. You may also be able to try this for 3 months. I like it especially because you can order later in the day and still get the same day delivery. I am looking forward also to testing out the outlined same day option with Amazon.

    One other related tip, if your package arrives late under Prime, you can write to customer service and they will extend your prime membership for 1 month per late package.

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