United Beverage Voucher Winners….

Plenty of funny submissions for United beverage vouchers, including a general theme that United might not always deliver on what it promised???  Anyways, the winners are: Orlando Traveler, who said, “The best way to make sure you get your own row on Southwest is by sticking a tissue in your nose and leaving it there.” Andi, who said, “Every year my husband and I fly United to Buenos Aires to visit his family and every year the flight is either canceled or delayed. I totally need all 10 of these […]

The Winners Of the United Beverage Voucher Giveaway Are….

There were plenty of replies for my beverage voucher giveaway, and even a few funny ones.  I decided I would pick out a few of my favorite responses as winners and then randomly pick the rest.  First, for my favorite responses: DrewBird wrote: I fly with 3-month-old twins to Mexico with my wife in February on United. Vouchers would be a nice handout to the people around me as compensation for any crying that may occur! As a fellow parent, I can empathize.  This one is a definite winner. Paul […]

Giveaway: United Beverage Vouchers

I guess this is giveaway week for me. Yesterday, I posted a bunch of pictures of different SPG items I was giving away that we got at our SPG Moments event at the US Open. Today, I decided to clean off my desk prior to heading out on another trip.  While my performance was pretty poor (no pictures, but you can ask Mickie) I did uncover my United beverage vouchers.  There are 10 of them.  I’ll give them away to anyone who leaves a comment by Monday, September 24th 5:00 […]