The Winners Of the United Beverage Voucher Giveaway Are….

There were plenty of replies for my beverage voucher giveaway, and even a few funny ones.  I decided I would pick out a few of my favorite responses as winners and then randomly pick the rest.  First, for my favorite responses:

DrewBird wrote:

I fly with 3-month-old twins to Mexico with my wife in February on United.

Vouchers would be a nice handout to the people around me as compensation for any crying that may occur!

As a fellow parent, I can empathize.  This one is a definite winner.

Paul S decided to trump DrewBird with:

Mexico? That’ll be cake. My best friend is getting married in Japan in April and possibly against my better judgement, I got award seats in economy from TUL – NRT with my wife, and our 3yr old and our new one will be 7 months. 18 hrs each way:(

A brave soul and another winner.

Perry Platypus rang in with:

Don’t need a drink voucher but I may need the whole bottle if Dougie runs my beloved AA into the ground. You can buy me a drink at the FTU cocktail party :)

Anybody making fun of Dougie is in my top 5.

Ralph L scored a voucher with:

Enter witty reply here for a free drink.

Score one for Jana, who pointed out that free drinks are a pretty popular thing amongst frequent travelers:

Can’t believe that you thought you might get only 10 comments total :)
Would love a drink ticket, which I would give to my hubby who doesn’t like to fly. I drag the poor fellow on the plane and promptly get him drink to relax. Works every time! Thanks.

And, last witty response. An oldie (though not as old as Cholula) but a goodie.  In honor of Randy’s love of tequila:

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Count me in as interested!!

Then, I randomly selected 5 winners:

Damon (who had a pretty funny comment about needing to reek like booze when he went home to mom but didn’t quite make the top 5).


Matt (oh, ye of the duct tape comment).


John (Silver flying to SFO).

Winners, shoot me an e-mail at ed -at- milepoint dot com with your address and I’ll get it in the mail to you.


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  1. Glad to have won but go ahead an pull another winner as I already have some and don’t see myself flying UA anytime soon. I’m too busy trying to re-qualify for my new 2014 American Airways Executive Chairmen Platinum Preferred status 🙂

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