Giveaway: United Beverage Vouchers

I guess this is giveaway week for me.

Yesterday, I posted a bunch of pictures of different SPG items I was giving away that we got at our SPG Moments event at the US Open.

Today, I decided to clean off my desk prior to heading out on another trip.  While my performance was pretty poor (no pictures, but you can ask Mickie) I did uncover my United beverage vouchers.  There are 10 of them.  I’ll give them away to anyone who leaves a comment by Monday, September 24th 5:00 pm EDT.  If more then 10 people respond, we’ll use one of those random number thingies the big bloggers make such good use of.


  1. That’s a very nice idea. I’ve been subscribed to your blog for awhile now and enjoy it. It also brings to mind our large collection of barely used UA amenity kits taking up a lot of space…

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