TSA Pre-Check Closer, Just Not Quite At IAD

Cruising through IAD on Tuesday, I took another peek to see if Pre-Check was open yet.  They had originally announced the security lanes upstairs would be re-opened in early September.

They blew past that deadline and there didn’t seem to be a lot going on last week.

But, on Tuesday, there was progress.  There was a single contractor working on the space and things looked more complete, if not done.

TSA Pre-Check

TSA Pre-Check

When I landed back at IAD about an hour ago, it looked like they might have taken down the barrier in front of the escalators that will ultimately move people from the top floor down to the next level (the original escalators for security a million years ago).

At this point, I’d probably say it’s more likely than not that they make the September 25th deadline for somesecurity to be open, though that may not be Pre-Check.  The first deadline has come and passed, so we won’t know until something opens whether or not they’ll hit the originally announced Pre-Check date.

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