US Airways Dividend Miles

The Votes Have Been Tallied In the Domestic Upgrade Showdown. The Winner Of The Amazon Gift Card Is…..

I really appreciated Jeanne from Heels First Travel helping me out with the domestic upgrade showdown.  She made a valiant argument here, and even tried to leverage politics and claim I wasn’t democratic, but when the final votes were counted….   Yup, it was a smack down.  Unfortunately, our opinion doesn’t dictate what the final solution adopted by American Airlines will be.  Boy, wouldn’t that be great if we could vote on it? At any rate, we’ve got two gift cards to award and Jeanne already did her job.  Now […]

Why I Love US Airways’ Upgrade Procedure

Let’s just get one thing clear.  I don’t love the US Airways domestic upgrade procedure.  Not even close.  But, as part of my domestic upgrade showdown between American Airlines and US Airways, I invited Jeanne of Heels First Travel to spell out why she thinks the US Airways upgrade procedure is the winner.  She came up with the title.  Poor girl has a convoluted definition of love. As part of the showdown, we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to one Heels First Travel reader who comments on their […]

I Wonder If Current Mileage Sales From US Airways and American Airlines Tell Us Anything About The Future?

First, the mileage sales: US Airways is back with a 100% bonus on purchased miles. On its face, I wouldn’t consider this a big surprise.  They’ve run this promo plenty of times and I’ve covered it plenty of times.  And, there are certainly good reasons to purchase the miles, especially if you have a trip overseas planned that you can ticket now on a Star Alliance carrier (like United, before their prices for award goes up next year). But, American Airlines and US Airways have “officially” merged.  And, while there […]

Points Hound Out With A New Offer To Trade Punches With Rocket Miles

Did you submit a picture to win a free airline ticket yet? Points Hound and Rocket Miles are competitors in a new, attractive space for travelers.  Essentially, they’re taking some of the commission they receive from hotel chains and turning it into a rebate of airline miles to you, the booking consumer. Rocket Miles was out with an offer a few days ago that awarded 3,000 US Airways Dividend Miles for your first booking. To combat that (and, IMO, to keep mind share of frequent travelers) Points Hound is extending […]

Lots Of Miles For Mother’s Day Flowers

Just a quick reminder that the online florists generally pay out tons of miles per dollar if you go through one of the various shopping portals.  I’ve included a list with links.  This is nowhere near comprehensive, but should give you a good idea what’s available out there: American Airlines AAdvantage: 30 miles per dollar from FTD.  Elite members of the AAdvantage program earn an extra 100 miles per order. 30 miles per dollar from 1800-Flowers   United Airlines Mileage Plus: 30 miles per dollar from FTD   US Airways […]

Free US Airways Dividend Miles If You’re Into Surveys

Back when the Grand Slam was the coolest promo out there, sites like E-Rewards and e-Miles were quick ways to generate “hits” towards a big pile of miles.  My interest in those sites waned a bit when Grand Slam took a hiatus. I got an e-mail today about another survey site that I haven’t used before.  Whiteboard is currently accepting new members who can earn miles through the US Airways Dividend Miles program for completing surveys. The offer I received was for 250 miles to sign up and another 250 […]

Lots Of Different Offers For The US Airways MasterCard

US Airways plays an integral part in pretty much every mileage strategy.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a overwhelmingly positive experience on a US Airways flight.  Their fleet isn’t really something to write home about.  Their international network isn’t something to write home about. But, they are a member of the Star Alliance.  That means you have access to United Airlines flights in the US and carriers like Lufthansa in Europe where you can redeem those miles for great seats to awesome places.  And, they’re miles are usually very […]