Free US Airways Dividend Miles If You’re Into Surveys

Back when the Grand Slam was the coolest promo out there, sites like E-Rewards and e-Miles were quick ways to generate “hits” towards a big pile of miles.  My interest in those sites waned a bit when Grand Slam took a hiatus.

I got an e-mail today about another survey site that I haven’t used before.  Whiteboard is currently accepting new members who can earn miles through the US Airways Dividend Miles program for completing surveys.

The offer I received was for 250 miles to sign up and another 250 miles to complete one survey.  While I’m not a survey guy, that’s a pretty good deal assuming the survey isn’t too terribly long.

Free US


The link I had contained a unique ID but it looks like you can go directly to the Whiteboard site to apply.  You still have to be “accepted”.  IIRC, Delta is doing something similar with US Airways.  At any rate, if you have a Dividend Miles account and don’t mind a survey or two, it’s probably worth banging the link to see if you qualify.


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