Lots Of Miles For Mother’s Day Flowers

Just a quick reminder that the online florists generally pay out tons of miles per dollar if you go through one of the various shopping portals.  I’ve included a list with links.  This is nowhere near comprehensive, but should give you a good idea what’s available out there:

American Airlines AAdvantage:

30 miles per dollar from FTD.  Elite members of the AAdvantage program earn an extra 100 miles per order.

30 miles per dollar from 1800-Flowers


United Airlines Mileage Plus:

30 miles per dollar from FTD


US Airways Dividend Miles:

25 miles per dollar from FTD

20 miles per dollar from Teleflora

25 miles per dollar from 1800-Flowers


Delta SkyMiles:

30 miles per dollar from 1800-Flowers

30 miles per dollar from FTD


The Ultimate Rewards portal has an FTD offer that appears to be 15X.  While I do highly value my UR points, I don’t value them anywhere nearly as high as some of the values you’ll see from the other programs listed above.

Do something nice for your mother/wife/mother-in-law/grandmother while doing something nice for your mileage balance!


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  1. Calling a local florist directly nearly always gets you a better price and better flowers. If you insist on using one of these programs make sure you are comparing the price with the promo to the price without; some have been known to jack up the prices in concert with the bonus point or “sale” offers.

    1. Seth, I used to have a great local florist. She was always my go-to. Unfortunately, the industry shifted to an online one and she had to close. I agree a good relationship with a local florist will yield better flowers, though I generally didn’t see lower pricing.

      At any rate, so many people order flowers over the Internet, which is a fine way to earn miles. Obviously, the more miles a merchant is willing to pay per dollar the more profit they’re likely making. Flowers is always near the top end of that spectrum.

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