Fun Travel Ideas For NYC, Paris and Italy & Lots More Tidbits. Catching Up On Travel, Saturday, August 2, 2014

Catching up on things I enjoyed reading in the travel world: Airline lounge employees in Miami stole over $1 Million from Swiss Air and well over $2 million in total.  Hands down the best story of the week. Stephanie Rosenbloom reports on the next wave of personalization in travel, hotels focusing on women without families looking to travel.  Technology allows travel companies to dial-in so much more than they used to be able to and this makes a lot of sense.  The Westin New York Grand Central, where I just […]

Know Before You Go. Uncharged Electronic Devices May Be Confiscated Flying To United States

The Department of Homeland Security and TSA have asked a number of foreign airports to prevent passengers from boarding flights with electronic devices they can’t power up. Thanks to reader Tommy V for passing this along.  For now, this appears to just affect airpots outside the US operating nonstop service to US: The new measures apply to some airports in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Passengers will have to turn on the electronic devices while being screened by security personnel to prove that the devices are harmless, the T.S.A. […]

So Much To Catch Up On For Friday, November 8th, 2013

I missed a bunch of stories while I was away at Disney this past week and then headed right back out on the road for work, so I’m still trying to get my faithful readers caught up on the world of travel. But, we look forward to the future first.  American Airlines has been rumored to have an announcement today.  Bloggers have been hypothesizing all kinds of things.  Based on the lawsuit and settlement talks, and in the face of United Airlines’ Black Friday devaluation, I just can’t imagine that […]

TSA PreCheck To More Than Double By Year-End

It looks like TSA is getting ready to go through a massive growth phase for PreCheck, expanding it to many corners of the country where it’s not yet present. There are plenty of folks who decry the TSA and pretty much everything they do. I’ve never been one of those people, though I have had my share of unpleasant experiences traveling in the TSA era. I don’t think everything is perfect by any stretch. But I think they’ve hit their stride in a few areas, most specifically TSA PreCheck. I […]

I Don’t Think I Agree That Flight Crews Should Be Exempt From Airport Security

Certainly I’m a bit late voicing this opinion. The TSA decided a couple years ago that pilots wouldn’t need to be searched going through security. Last year flight attendants were added to this list. I was at McCarran airport this morning going through TSA Pre-Check. This may sound silly, but it’s the first time I can really recall seeing flight crew go through a checkpoint without being searched. I’m sure it happens every time I’m in an airport, I just wasn’t perceptive to it. 9 or 10 flight crew members […]

One Of My Favorite Travel Time Savers Gets Better! TSA Pre-Check Now Available On Some International Flights

I’ve been a big proponent of TSA Pre-Check since its inception. No doubt, the TSA gets a lot of flack for things they do poorly. But, I think they’ve done a solid job with Pre-Check. Here’s why: TSA saw a need when the original iteration of CLEAR became popular. Whether they saw that need because of CLEAR or on their own doesn’t really matter. The initial roll-out had bumps and bruises and wasn’t widely available. But, it was a starting point. It was just a few airlines’ customers invited at […]

More Wasted Energy Slows Down The Travel Industry: Fighting About Sequester And Knives

It seems like this is bound to be a week of wasted time and energy by the folks in charge as it relates to the travel industry. The FAA started furloughing air traffic controllers this week.  So far, the delays haven’t been too bad, but it’s unlikely to stay that way.  View From The Wing is steadily continuing to beat the same drum, that the FAA really does have leeway here and that the administration is doing a pretty good job using the FAA as their race car in a […]

TSA PreCheck Expanding In Memphis, Austin, Cleveland and Raleigh

It looks like TSA PreCheck hit 40 (airports, that is).  There have been recent announcements about Cleveland and Austin. Then Memphis. And, finally Raleigh. I’m a huge fan of PreCheck.  I’ve been happy to use it at my home airport of Washington Dulles over the past 6 months and really like the integration with the Clear lanes in Denver.  While there are some that believe the TSA should be abolished, I’m reasonably happy with the way they’ve expande PreCheck. The easiest way to qualify for PreCheck is to be invited […]

Clear/TSA Pre-Check Integration And Updates on TSA Pre-Check Lanes Nationwide

A little over a month ago I commented on the impending integration of the Clear lane with TSA Pre-Check at Denver International Airport.  Clear, now in it’s second iteration, is a program that provides an opportunity to skip the line when trying to clear security in a small number of domestic US airports.  The knock on Clear is that it’s really just cutting part of the line.  For example, in Denver, once you get through the Clear checkpoint, you still have to select a security lane and stand in line […]

Pizza In The News And The Continuing Discussion on Airport Security

I’m quoted in this month’s Travel & Leisure magazine talking about Global Entry.  I’ve talked in the past about how much of a fan I am.  I’m also a huge fan of TSA Pre-Check.  Most people don’t know it, but you can have access to TSA Pre-Check even if you’re not a frequent flier who’s been invited.  That’s one of the hidden beauties of Global Entry. Now, Gary of View From the Wing is also quoted in the article, and he’s posted about it on his blog. And, while Gary […]