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Cheap Fares To LAX and SFO, Triple Avios on Hyatt Stays And TripAdvisor Trickery. Best of the Rest For Tuesday, July 7th 2015

The Best of the Rest includes cheap fares from NY and DC to LAX and SFO, Triple Avios to Hyatt, Air India expanding to the US and more….

Know Before You Go. Uncharged Electronic Devices May Be Confiscated Flying To United States

The Department of Homeland Security and TSA have asked a number of foreign airports to prevent passengers from boarding flights with electronic devices they can’t power up. Thanks to reader Tommy V for passing this along.  For now, this appears to just affect airpots outside the US operating nonstop service to US: The new measures apply to some airports in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Passengers will have to turn on the electronic devices while being screened by security personnel to prove that the devices are harmless, the T.S.A. […]

Southwest Airlines Decides To Offer TSA PreCheck

At least a bit to my surprise, Southwest Airlines has decided to offer TSA PreCheck access to it’s customers. This shouldn’t really be a big announcement since so many other airlines have been offering PreCheck for quite some time.  But, Southwest doesn’t exactly have the best computer system.  After all, it wasn’t too many years ago where they updated their scheduled spreadsheet to free up availability for more planes.  There was a decent amount of scuttle butt that Southwest wouldn’t try and tackle this prior to finishing the AirTran integration, but […]

So Much To Catch Up On For Friday, November 8th, 2013

I missed a bunch of stories while I was away at Disney this past week and then headed right back out on the road for work, so I’m still trying to get my faithful readers caught up on the world of travel. But, we look forward to the future first.  American Airlines has been rumored to have an announcement today.  Bloggers have been hypothesizing all kinds of things.  Based on the lawsuit and settlement talks, and in the face of United Airlines’ Black Friday devaluation, I just can’t imagine that […]

TSA Expands PreCheck So You Can Enroll Directly, And Why That’s a Bad Idea For You

I’ve been a huge fan of PreCheck since it’s inception. I was an early user through my elite status with American Airlines and have enjoyed near complete success using my Global Entry status. Just in case you haven’t been following along, what’s PreCheck?  It’s security the way you remember it from 15 years ago. Leave your shoes and belt on, leave your liquids and laptop in your suitcase. And, much shorter lines (though that’s slowly changing with more people enrolled). Before now, the only easy ways to get into PreCheck […]

I Want To Go To The Country Of New York

In today’s environment of increased security, longer lines and full planes, travel can be an adventure.  Smart travelers find ways to make sure the adventure comes when you plan it as opposed to random road blocks along the way.  Two of the best ways to guarantee a positive airport experience are Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check. TSA Pre-Check is a program in the domestic US that allows for expedited security screening.  Due to recent expansion, you can find it at most sizable airports in the US.  You can qualify for […]

One Of My Favorite Travel Time Savers Gets Better! TSA Pre-Check Now Available On Some International Flights

I’ve been a big proponent of TSA Pre-Check since its inception. No doubt, the TSA gets a lot of flack for things they do poorly. But, I think they’ve done a solid job with Pre-Check. Here’s why: TSA saw a need when the original iteration of CLEAR became popular. Whether they saw that need because of CLEAR or on their own doesn’t really matter. The initial roll-out had bumps and bruises and wasn’t widely available. But, it was a starting point. It was just a few airlines’ customers invited at […]

More Wasted Energy Slows Down The Travel Industry: Fighting About Sequester And Knives

It seems like this is bound to be a week of wasted time and energy by the folks in charge as it relates to the travel industry. The FAA started furloughing air traffic controllers this week.  So far, the delays haven’t been too bad, but it’s unlikely to stay that way.  View From The Wing is steadily continuing to beat the same drum, that the FAA really does have leeway here and that the administration is doing a pretty good job using the FAA as their race car in a […]

TSA PreCheck Expanding In Memphis, Austin, Cleveland and Raleigh

It looks like TSA PreCheck hit 40 (airports, that is).  There have been recent announcements about Cleveland and Austin. Then Memphis. And, finally Raleigh. I’m a huge fan of PreCheck.  I’ve been happy to use it at my home airport of Washington Dulles over the past 6 months and really like the integration with the Clear lanes in Denver.  While there are some that believe the TSA should be abolished, I’m reasonably happy with the way they’ve expande PreCheck. The easiest way to qualify for PreCheck is to be invited […]

News and Notes on Monday, March 11th 2013

American Airlines is giving 100,000 AAdvantage miles in a contest on their Facebook page.  They’re promoting the fact that their fleet is mostly outfitted with Gogo wifi, so you also have a chance to win a Gogo pass or 100 miles.  I’ve had a Gogo monthly pass for as long as I can remember and it’s probably one of the most valuable things I travel with.  In-flight wifi is the greatest thing to happen in my travel patterns in the last 5 years. At the same time, JetBlue is contemplating […]