Southwest Airlines Decides To Offer TSA PreCheck

At least a bit to my surprise, Southwest Airlines has decided to offer TSA PreCheck access to it’s customers.

This shouldn’t really be a big announcement since so many other airlines have been offering PreCheck for quite some time.  But, Southwest doesn’t exactly have the best computer system.  After all, it wasn’t too many years ago where they updated their scheduled spreadsheet to free up availability for more planes.  There was a decent amount of scuttle butt that Southwest wouldn’t try and tackle this prior to finishing the AirTran integration, but the reality is that Southwest is catering more and more to business customers.  Not having PreCheck was certainly an annoyance for business customers accustomed to this on other airlines.

Couple that with the sizable expansion of PreCheck underway, and Southwest probably thought they had to make the move here.  But, like I said, not too earth shattering on its own.

It does give me one less reason not to fly Southwest, though certainly there are still the big roadblocks that I can’t really fly them where I like to travel for personal travel.  That, and they don’t have any of those comfy beds for long flights.

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