Cheap Tickets To SFO, United Airlines CEO Kinda Calls His Customers Stupid. The Best of the Rest For Saturday, August 1, 2015

Courtesy of Picography

Today’s Best of the Rest includes cheap flights to SFO and San Diego, news that Uber will deliver you a bar, that United is still a bit clueless and Paris taxi cab drivers still suck. Read on…..

If These Pictures Don’t Make You Sign Up For Uber or Lyft…

A recent trip to New York’s LaGuardia airport provided me an acute reminder of the first day I decided I needed to sign up for Uber. I had flown into New York with my family late in the evening, landing at LaGuardia after 9pm because of departure delays.  We stumbled out to the cab line to find the line stretching endlessly, with no cabs in sight.  After about 30 minutes I was finally able to “convince” a Super Shuttle guy to squeeze us into one of his vans, our kids […]