Minnie Van Service Expanding Soon At Disney World

a group of red and white cars with white dots on them

If you’re not a Disney fan like me, you might not know what a “Minnie Van” is yet.  No, not a mini van.  Disney’s creative team came up with a typical Disney-themed name for their new car service in the parks.  To go with the name comes a Disney-themed design as well.

a group of red and white cars with white dots

Minnie Vans are priced at a flat fee of $20.  All Minnie Vans are equipped with car seats for your little ones.  You might wonder whether there’s a need for such a service. After all, Disney World has plenty of taxis.  Uber and Lyft blanket the resort with vehicles, with their cheapest services being substantially cheaper than a Minnie Van.  So, why bother with a Minnie Van?  Think of it as Uber Black for Disney fans.

The service is better, the cars are cleaner than taxis (and all brand new) and the drivers all well-versed on Disney.  Don’t take my word for it.  Here’s a review from a hardcore Disney blogger.

Coming Soon To A Resort Near You?

Our family is just returning from a very short Disney World trip.  I’ll be providing lots more tidbits in the future.  For now, I figured I’d share the timely news that Minnie Vans appear to be making a big expansion soon.

The biggest downside I’ve seen to the Minnie Van concept was the lack of resorts where you could pick one up.  Unless you were staying at a Deluxe Resort at Disney, you weren’t able to gain access.  Now, according to two front desk agents I spoke to at “Moderate” resorts at Disney World, February 12th seems to be the next wave of expansion.  That might only be for Moderate Resorts and not Value Resorts.  One of the properties I heard it from was Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds.  It’s definitely not centrally-located and decidedly “moderate”.

The Final Two Pennies

While Disney does a good job of keeping things secret until they’re ready to announce them, rumors have been leaking out more often lately.  Given my conversations with “cast members” at Disney World recently, I think it’s safe to say more Minnie Vans are around the corner.

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  1. We took it a few times the last time we stayed at Beach Club and think it’s marginally worth the cost vs an Uber/Lyft. One time of when it is worth it is going from a resort to the Magic Kingdom. When we did it in October the drop-off area is near the bus drop off area. You get to bypass the monorail/ferry transfer and cuts down on transportation time.

    We also used it coming home from Animal Kingdom…which is pretty far from everything. They had changed the pickup location the day before and took us a while to find the driver. She was really apologetic and added some fastpasses to our MDE….which was a nice bonus.

    Most times an Uber/Lyft will be $5 to $10 cheaper….but riding around in a Minnie van is a treat for the kids.

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