Targeted offer

Targeted Awesome Offer, 1,000 Bonus AAdvantage Miles For Each Night At Hyatt!

As we start to return to travel after what seems to be the worst of the pandemic, travel companies are starting to flex their ability to encourage customers to travel.  Early on, though prices were low we didn’t see too many promotions.  That was probably an indication that airlines and hotels didn’t think they could convince people to get out there and book a trip.  We’ve actually seen fewer incentives than I would have expected so far.  Low prices are certainly an incentive, but I don’t think that alone is […]

Don’t Forget To See If You’re Eligible For The Southwest Double Points Promo

Double points on all flights takes the complication out of bonuses. Just check to see if you’re eligible for this promo. I haven’t seen Southwest run too many promotions of this nature. Hoping it becomes more of a standard thing as they ratchet up competition with Alaska/Virgin America.