Restaurant Review: Kiku. Athens & Paris For Dollars A Day

Seared Tuna With Cold Noodles and Enoki

We had great luck picking fabulous restaurants in Greece during our visit. Kiku was a recommendation from the hotel concierge and it really was incredible. If you like imaginative, high quality sushi and japanese cuisine, Kiku should be on your list.

41 Hours in Tokyo: Sushi and Beer at 6am

Previous posts about my short stop in Tokyo: Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tsukiji Fish Market After finishing the tour of the tuna auction, it was time to find a sushi restaurant!  Since I spoke virtually no Japanese, it was tough to ask directions.  I knew the restaurants were very close by the market, but not 100% sure in which direction.  One of the police officers that escorted us in was able to gesture towards the correct area.  Coincidentally, while I was trying to ask the officer where the restaurants were, a […]