41 Hours in Tokyo: Sushi and Beer at 6am

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Sheraton Miyako Hotel

Tsukiji Fish Market

After finishing the tour of the tuna auction, it was time to find a sushi restaurant!  Since I spoke virtually no Japanese, it was tough to ask directions.  I knew the restaurants were very close by the market, but not 100% sure in which direction.  One of the police officers that escorted us in was able to gesture towards the correct area.  Coincidentally, while I was trying to ask the officer where the restaurants were, a guy who came over on the 787 flight with me wandered up with the same question.  He had been in the back of my group of 60 at the tuna auction and neither one of us noticed the other until now.  We set off with one other American and found a suitable sushi restaurant in the market.

No English was spoken, but there was an English menu, and a picture that had most of our options with translations.  I say most because I know I ate a couple of things I hadn’t experienced before.  Still not 100% sure what they were.  So, 3 gaikokuijin sat down to enjoy some of the freshest sushi I’ve ever had, along with a nice big bottle of Kirin.  In the picture at the bottom (with the bottle of Kirin), I think the piece on the far right beside the ginger was Hirame, but I’m still not sure what the item wrapped in seaweed was (4th from the left).  I’m not a big seaweed guy, so this was the only piece I gave to Charlie for him to finish off.

in Tokyo

in Tokyo

in Tokyo


  1. When I’m in Japan, my rule of thumb is “Don’t ask, just eat.” It usually works out. I’ve had several bento box lunches and had no idea what I was eating. Sounds like are having a great time there!

  2. It was a great breakfast… everything except the moments between several ounces of tea getting spilled all over my camera and getting it dried off and finding out it still worked.

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