Delta Appears To Eliminate Saver Award Inventory 3 Weeks Prior To Departure

I’m not sure I wrote about Delta this many times in all of 2014….. It appears that Delta has wiped all saver award inventory for every destination for flights that depart within 3 weeks of booking.  I received a comment from Nun on my Delta post discussing their award chart removal this morning that alerted me something was going on.  I started doing some searches and literally couldn’t find any saver (cheap) inventory available between any city pairs I tried.  Here’s just one example:   Then, I started to see […]

Discounted Disney Tickets, Delta Blows Up The World and More Travel News On Sunday, February 8, 2015

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a free ticket to the Austin MegaDO.  The organizers have offered to add other events to the ticket (except NXNW and the UA event). Delta caused quite a kerfluffle this week.  They eliminated their published award charts and the blogsphere erupted.  View From The Wing is pondering whether this is the worst thing a program has ever done, and I have a contrary(ish) opinion. But, don’t worry about Delta, there’s a great solution. Mommy Points has the scoop on discounted Disney World tickets, […]

Is What Delta Did Really That Evil?

Gary over at View From The Wing has staked out the position that Delta’s decision to remove their award charts may be the single worst thing to occur in frequent flyer-dom.  Ever. I mean, it’s not like he compares them to the lady that drowned the dog in an airport recently when she wasn’t allowed to board her flight with it.  But, it’s a very stark position.  And, I’m not 100% sure he’s right. Now, some of this is tongue-in-cheek.  I’m not a Delta fan by any stretch.  And, I […]

Delta Creating A Hub In Seattle. In Other Breaking News, Water Is, Well, Wet

It’s not exactly news that Delta is increasing it’s footprint in Seattle.  It’s been dropping bombs on competitors and partners alike (talking about you, Alaska Airlines). They started to increase flights in and out of Seattle and throwing around a lot of miles, both redeemable and elite qualifying miles. And a couple weeks ago, they started using the word “hub” to describe Seattle.  Maybe I’m naive, but I really didn’t think 2014 would be the year that the airlines would be looking to add hubs.  There are folks smarter than […]

Wiping The Slate Clean. My Personal Business Case For Abandoning The Pursuit Of United Airlines 1K Status

I’ve given United a try for a few years now, with 1K status the last two years. United has disappointed in upgrade percentage, availability of Wi-Fi, drastic cuts to the schedule that impact my ability to get to where I need quickly and arbitrary changes to policies like award redemption and carry-on bags that just plain make flying not fun.

Big Changes At Delta, A Revenue-Based Program. Sort Of.

Delta made some big changes to their program this morning, but they’re not done. On the negative side, starting in 2015 you’ll accrue miles based on how much you spend on your ticket, not how far you travel. On the positive side, you’ll be able to redeem one-way awards. There’s more to come, with a yet-to-be announced 5 redemption tiers coming. Stay tuned….

The Other Shoe Drops On Hyatt Program Changes. It’s A Good Shoe This Time

I wish I knew where Gary gets all his good info from.  We knew there was another announcement coming from Hyatt (and likely a good one) after they announced their devaluation recently.  I wouldn’t call the good stuff a home run, but it’s a solid double.  Here’s a link to the changes, as well as the highlights below: As an elite member, you’ll now have access to a lower paid “elite” rate, subject to availability.  The rate will be 20% off the Hyatt Daily Rate.  I’m guessing this will be […]

News And Notes For Wednesday, June 18th, 2013

Marriott Rewards has reestablished a partnership with American Airlines’ AAdvantage program so you can earn miles in their program when you stay and redeem points for AAdvantage miles.  This partnership died a few years ago.  While I can’t say I was that sad to see it go (since I’m a Hyatt and Starwood guy) it did mean that the occasional Marriott stay I logged had to be credited to something else, such as (shudder) Marriott Rewards points.  More choices=better for the consumer. Hyatt has opened a new Hyatt Regency in […]

Lots Of Miles For Mother’s Day Flowers

Just a quick reminder that the online florists generally pay out tons of miles per dollar if you go through one of the various shopping portals.  I’ve included a list with links.  This is nowhere near comprehensive, but should give you a good idea what’s available out there: American Airlines AAdvantage: 30 miles per dollar from FTD.  Elite members of the AAdvantage program earn an extra 100 miles per order. 30 miles per dollar from 1800-Flowers   United Airlines Mileage Plus: 30 miles per dollar from FTD   US Airways […]