Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

I Was In An Airport For The First Time In 9 Months This Week. It Was Odd.

It won’t be too much longer before I’ll be able to say it’s been an odd year of not boarding airplanes. As it stands today, that seems to be the earliest I could see myself getting on an airplane.  However, I was in an airport yesterday, and it was definitely an odd experience.  I wasn’t expecting to be, but I had to pick up a family member from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport yesterday.  It wasn’t my wife or kids, so I wore a mask in the car and we […]

American Airlines Ending Its Partnership With JetBlue

I was a bit disappointed to receive an e-mail from American Airlines this morning that they were discontinuing their partnership with JetBlue.  They’ve announced that effective April 1, 2014, you will no longer be able to earn AAdvantage miles on Jetblue flights: Through our merger with US Airways, you now have convenient East Coast access through the US Airways Shuttle, which offers hourly departures from Boston Logan, Washington Reagan (DCA) and New York LaGuardia (LGA). Plus, you can earn and redeem miles when traveling across US Airways’ global network. All travel on eligible […]

The New American Airlines Route Network Is Good, Just Not If You Fly Out Of Washington Dulles

The New American has had a number of announcements lately about their network and for the most part they’re positive.  Due to some of the DOJ agreement and also to consolidation of the two airlines, some routes are being added while others go away.  The two biggest announcements so far are about Laguardia (LGA) and Washington-Reagan (DCA).  First, new destinations out of Laguardia: Charlottesville, VA Dayton, OH Greensboro, NC Knoxville, TN Little Rock, AR Louisville, KY Norfolk, VA Richmond, VA Roanoke, VA Wilmington, NC But, the downside here is that […]

5,000 Bonus Dividend Miles For Every 3 US Airways Shuttle Flights

Talk about a solid bonus for those regional commuters in the Northeast.  US Airways has announced a 5,000 point bonus for every 3 shuttle flights flown between now and the end of May.  The 3 shuttle airports are BOS (Boston Logan), LGA (New York-Laguardia) and DCA (Washington, DC-Reagan). This bonus can be earned up to a maximum of 10 times or 50,000 bonus points.  The kicker here is the bonus is for every 3 segments, not round-trip flights. I checked the lowest prices for shuttle flights in the time period […]

The Brighter Side Of Dulles Airport

After making my kids pancakes this morning, I settled in to check e-mail.  The first e-mail I read this morning was a post on View From the Wing entitled, “Washington Dulles is a Very Bad Airport”.  Gary and I agree on most things, and we even agree on some of the things in his post.  But, on whole, I think he’s off-target on my home airport. Citing some of his specific points: Not only is it a good 45 minute drive from downtown, but once you’re there you’re not even […]

News And Notes For Monday, December 10th

Wandering Aramean reports that United has joined the club in shutting off aggregation sites like Award Wallet.  Just more piling on for some of my favorite services.  Award Wallet is a big part of being able to manage all the different accounts our family has.  While I’m disappointed that the major airlines are chipping away at it’s effectiveness I’m hopeful there will be a resolution that satisfies the airlines while providing their customers with this integral service. American Airlines is teasing us about their new paint job.  View From the […]