News And Notes For Monday, December 10th

Wandering Aramean reports that United has joined the club in shutting off aggregation sites like Award Wallet.  Just more piling on for some of my favorite services.  Award Wallet is a big part of being able to manage all the different accounts our family has.  While I’m disappointed that the major airlines are chipping away at it’s effectiveness I’m hopeful there will be a resolution that satisfies the airlines while providing their customers with this integral service.

American Airlines is teasing us about their new paint job.  View From the Wing has info about a lot of updates at American, including their new paint job (that one’s still something of a mystery).  Count me among the crew that has always really liked the unpainted, heavily polished look American has had for as long as I can remember.  I understand that’s harder to do with some of the new composite materials, but I’ll be sorry to see the old AA livery go.

My backup home airport (Washington Reagan National) looks like it’s going to get some pretty bleh new choices now that Spirit is pulling out.  Spirit couldn’t make money, and the resulting slot auction has yielded such exciting new destinations such as Oklahoma City, Jacksonville and Houston.

It looks like the Allied Pilots Association has been invited to join the merger discussions between American Airlines’ parent AMR and US Airways.

Gary (View From The Wing) and I were discussing this last evening.  Neither of us could figure out how the APA’s Board voted 14-2 in favor.  Really not sure what the two dissenters were thinking?  No, we’d rather not be able to hear and potentially influence our future.

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