5,000 Bonus Dividend Miles For Every 3 US Airways Shuttle Flights

Talk about a solid bonus for those regional commuters in the Northeast.  US Airways has announced a 5,000 point bonus for every 3 shuttle flights flown between now and the end of May.  The 3 shuttle airports are BOS (Boston Logan), LGA (New York-Laguardia) and DCA (Washington, DC-Reagan).

Miles For

This bonus can be earned up to a maximum of 10 times or 50,000 bonus points.  The kicker here is the bonus is for every 3 segments, not round-trip flights.

I checked the lowest prices for shuttle flights in the time period and found $71 fares between DCA and BOS.  If you did not have elite status on US Airways, those three flights would earn you a total of 194 miles for a price per mile of about 3.4 cents.  You could buy US Airways miles cheaper than that by a bunch (usually just under 2 cents nowadays).

While I don’t see this being a good mileage run benefit based on the usual shuttle prices, this should be a really easy bonus to earn for anyone who travels these routes frequently.

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