I’m Still Executive Platinum. Are You?

I’ve been traveling overseas the past week, so I hadn’t gotten around to checking my status level with American Airlines.  I had written recently that I was pretty sure I’d wake up the first day of March and not be Executive Platinum for the first time in 6 or 7 years.  While American Airlines is in the middle of their merger with US Airways, they’ve been tackling the integration in many small phases. There were a handful of changes to be enacted on March 1st, including some tweaks to the domestic complimentary upgrade process.  On […]

The (Small) Silver Lining Of SPG’s New Suite Night Alternatives

In case you missed the announcement recently, Starwood Preferred Guest announced alternatives for folks who stayed more than 50 nights last year but wanted an alternative to Suite Night Awards.  The choices themselves weren’t that compelling: 10 Suite Night Awards (status quo) 4 free Uber rides (up to $25 each) Gold status to gift to a friend or family member TSA PreCheck reimbursement $100 Amazon gift card $100 Donation to UNICEF in your name I’m working on a post about the overall value of the SPG program but someone reminded […]

I Wonder If I’ll Be Executive Platinum Tomorrow?

American Airlines has avoided pretty much all the pitfalls other airlines have seen in major mergers of the past. They’ve done so by employing a slow and steady strategy, with no massive “cutover” date where a large number of changes happen, opting instead for lots of smaller milestones. And, when the largest complaint thus far revolves around catering changes, I’ve gotta imagine that’s a “win” for the new American.   I wrote late last year that I thought March 1st would start a period where things could get rocky, and I […]

Airlines: 2014 Year In Review

My goal in 2014 was to be home a bit more, which meant trying to combine trips when I could, killing two birds with one set of flights.  I was still on the road quite a bit as evidenced by my hotel stats for the year.  I started the year with Executive Platinum status on American Airlines and 1K status with United Airlines.  I was pretty sure going into the year that I would be reducing my flights on United while maintaining my Executive Platinum status with American.  That being […]

Hotels: 2014 Year In Review

While 2014 was still a busy year for travel, it was a bit slower than 2013.  It certainly didn’t feel like it at times!  I set out with a goal to requalify for Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond status, the hotel status I value most highly.  My secondary goal was to requalify for Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum status.  I was 99% certain I could achieve these goals.  My third, and more lofty goal to achieve was to accrue 100 room nights with SPG to retain my Ambassador. I had a rough […]

Milepoint Giveaway: Hyatt Platinum Status

Don’t forget I’m giving away $200 in this hotel cash giveaway. Just a reminder that Milepoint is giving away Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum status to 5 lucky winners today.  Don’t forget to enter!     The post Milepoint Giveaway: Hyatt Platinum Status was published first on Pizza In Motion. Don’t miss any of the daily travel tips, tricks and strategies found here.  Follow me using one of these options:      

American Will Allow You To Buy Your Way To Elite Status Again This Year

American Airlines is back in the market this year with a program that allows you to spend some cash to retain status.  And, though the pricing is similar to last year, there are more paths this year to retain your status level.  Let’s take a look at the levels: If you are trying to retain Gold status, American Airlines will charge you a variable price based on how many EQMs you have, to a point: For example, if you plan to have between 20,000 and 24,999 EQMs at the end […]