The (Small) Silver Lining Of SPG’s New Suite Night Alternatives

In case you missed the announcement recently, Starwood Preferred Guest announced alternatives for folks who stayed more than 50 nights last year but wanted an alternative to Suite Night Awards.  The choices themselves weren’t that compelling:

  • 10 Suite Night Awards (status quo)
  • 4 free Uber rides (up to $25 each)
  • Gold status to gift to a friend or family member
  • TSA PreCheck reimbursement
  • $100 Amazon gift card
  • $100 Donation to UNICEF in your name

I’m working on a post about the overall value of the SPG program but someone reminded me of the obvious yesterday.  I was having a conversation with my SPG Ambassador and I may have been a bit critical of the announcement.  He pointed out the one (small) obvious silver lining to the announcement.  Some people will choose something other than Suite Night Awards.  So, as long as that number of people choosing an alternative exceeds any additional 50-night Platinums, it may get easier to score an upgrade.

There’s no doubt this is the far end of the rose-colored glasses spectrum, but it’s something.  And, while it won’t be me, I could see someone wanting the Uber rides, or possibly Gold status to give away.  If you have any use for the suite upgrades at all, you won’t be headed down that path.  But, maybe you can make that suggestion to a co-worker you don’t really get along with who’s trying to decide…..


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  1. I haven’t used my upgrades and probably won’t use them. So I’m glad to have some small alternative thrown my way. Amazon gift card for me. While I clearly understand the value tradeoff and the gift card isn’t even in the same league as an upgrade, most of my spg stays are for business or overnights at airport hotels. I’m fine with a comfortable bed.

    1. Jim, it’s a good point if that’s the majority of your stays. I have a variety of business stays that are more than one night, but I don’t really value a suite during business travel. When I travel with my family, a suite can mean the difference between having to pay for one or two rooms. That’s where the real value comes for me. Guess I’m rooting for more folks like you!

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