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Is Wall Street To Blame For Poor Airline Service?

It’s a bit of a crazy time for air travel right now.  When a United passenger was dragged off an airplane earlier this year, it seemed like an explosion of incidents started hitting the news. But, where’s the root of the problem? Is someone at the airlines telling employees they should cancel passenger tickets when the customer does something they don’t like?  Or, is management focused on other areas? A recent New York Times article suggests the latter.  Top airline executives are financially rewarded for profitability.  Short term profitability at […]

Fun Travel Ideas For NYC, Paris and Italy & Lots More Tidbits. Catching Up On Travel, Saturday, August 2, 2014

Catching up on things I enjoyed reading in the travel world: Airline lounge employees in Miami stole over $1 Million from Swiss Air and well over $2 million in total.  Hands down the best story of the week. Stephanie Rosenbloom reports on the next wave of personalization in travel, hotels focusing on women without families looking to travel.  Technology allows travel companies to dial-in so much more than they used to be able to and this makes a lot of sense.  The Westin New York Grand Central, where I just […]

A Word About New Years Travel Resolutions

Today is the day people most frequently make promises to “do better”.  Lose weight, eat better, spend more time with family, save more money.  Have you put together your travel “do better”s for the New Year?  Just like a fine wine, your travel will be better if you do some research and then make sure you take good care of your travel plans. I was reading an article by Stephanie Rosenbloom in the New York Times this morning and it got me thinking about my own tips.  But first, there’s […]

Things I Find Interesting: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 Edition

Hyatt purchased the Peabody Hotel in Orlando.  I’ve stayed at the Peabody in Memphis, where they share the tradition with the Orlando property of the ducks in the lobby fountain.  It’s a cool tradition they practice daily.  The Peabody in Orlando is a massive convention hotel, some 1600 rooms.  I’ve heard the property is in great shape and I’m sure I would consider it if I was in Orlando for a convention.  But, I enjoyed my stay at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress which is right around the corner from Disney […]

Are Hotels Charging Too Many Fees? Not Really

Many a word has been written about the relentless march of airline fees, and not too many have been complementary (well, except those ones by the airlines themselves in reference to increased profits).  Heck, Southwest has made a multi-year marketing campaign out of airline fees.  Bags fly free!  No change fees!  Good stuff. So, what about the hotel industry?  Are they charging you more fees?  This piece by Joe Sharkey of the New York Times would lead you to believe that’s the case. And, he’s wrong.  Quoting from his article: […]

I Don’t Think American, Delta And United Will Actually Compete With Each Other

The age of competition is over.  There, I said it.  Okay, so it only holds true for the airlines.  More correctly, for what’s left of the legacy airlines that fought to the death after de-regulation.  In a matter of months, American Airlines and US Airways will merge.  It should be the last major consolidation we see in the US market.  There may be smaller acquisitions but I think we largely know what the map looks like in the US, if not how many lines stretch between different cities. I just […]