2022 Y Combinator Letter

A letter seems to be circulating from Y Combinator, a top accelerator, to all of their founders.  The letter appears to sound an alarm about the current state of fundraising. You can listen to our thoughts on the other podcast I produce, Results Junkies.  Nothing points and miles related here, just a place to park an important doc for podcast listeners.s Here’s a draft of what we believe the letter says:

VIDEO: Truck Crashes Into Rental Counter

There are a lot of ways to return a rental car when you’re in a hurry. This video is over a year old, but I hadn’t seen it.  And, the potential for driver injury aside, this has to be one of the more amazing/amusing car rental returns I’ve seen: Best comment in the comment section?  “Guy that built those counters should see this!” Thx to David H for sending it along! Did you enjoy this post?  Please share it! There’s plenty of ways to do that below. You can also […]

Winning Captions Get $5 In Starbucks Cash

Since I’m still typing one-handed it’s tougher to bang out longer posts.  To keep things fun, I figured I’d give away a $5 Starbucks gift card per my ongoing Tweet A Coffee adventure.  So, tweet your caption suggestions for the picture of our puppy below to @pizzainmotion   If you don’t use Twitter, you can leave an old-fashioned comment here, but Tweeting a coffee is easier.

Nelson Mandela Dead at 95

A brief (significant) moment outside the world of travel: I got off a plane earlier this evening to the news that Nelson Mandela had died.  Certainly not specifically travel related, but this is a piece of news that crosses all walks of life.  South Africa is certainly a different place because of him.  I’ve known who Nelson Mandela is for most of my life, and I would assume that most folks my age or older know who he is.  But, that lead me to a question. My daughter is 7 […]