Some Common Sense In The Soda Wars

A brief sidestep from travel to follow up on a post I wrote last year about the proposed NYC ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.

A state judge has put a restraining order in place, enjoining the city from moving forward with the ban.

It’s good to see a bit of common sense here.  That same kid that couldn’t order a 20 oz. Coke could order a Caffe Vanilla Frappucino with 4 grams more sugar(oh, and a ton of saturated fat to help boost your cholesterol level).  Or, they could just walk into a 7-eleven, which wasn’t affected by the ban.

Education can be a powerful thing.  Educating kids why they shouldn’t drink a million sodas is an effective method to prevent over-indulging.  Providing them healthy alternatives in school and at home helps, too.  But, banning everyone from buying a specific type of drink just doesn’t make sense, especially when it’s still legal to buy cigarettes which, IMO, are much more damaging.

Well intentioned legislation, just horribly structured.


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