Purchasing Elite Status For Only $450. For Coffee.

Okay, so it’s not as sexy as American Airlines Executive Platinum status.

But, Starbucks is selling a unique $450 gift card, featured on Gilt.  It’s a 20-gram etched stainless steel card that, according to the article, actually costs more to make than what they are selling it for (the card comes with a $400 Starbucks credit, so the “card” is valued at $50).

It also comes with Starbucks “Gold” status, which to the detriment of my wallet my wife has had for some time.  You normally have to buy 30 items from Starbucks in a year to obtain this status.

I would think that most people willing to buy a $400 Starbucks gift card already have Gold status, but who am I to turn my nose down to free status?  🙂


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