Purchasing Elite Status For Only $450. For Coffee.

Okay, so it’s not as sexy as American Airlines Executive Platinum status.

But, Starbucks is selling a unique $450 gift card, featured on Gilt.  It’s a 20-gram etched stainless steel card that, according to the article, actually costs more to make than what they are selling it for (the card comes with a $400 Starbucks credit, so the “card” is valued at $50).

It also comes with Starbucks “Gold” status, which to the detriment of my wallet my wife has had for some time.  You normally have to buy 30 items from Starbucks in a year to obtain this status.

I would think that most people willing to buy a $400 Starbucks gift card already have Gold status, but who am I to turn my nose down to free status?  🙂


    1. Guess it shouldn’t be hard to believe they could sell 5,000 of these given how many customers they have. And, for the amount of press they for, probably worth the expense.

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