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The Gamification Of Travel: A Fun Way To Earn Expedia Rewards

While I tote around an iPhone and an iPad, I definitely consider myself a bit of social media introvert.  I can spell Twitter and Facebook, and I have my fair share of Foursquare check-ins.  But other than that, a novice.  Despite that, I was definitely intrigued by an article by Stephanie Rosenbloom of the New York Times recently about some fun new apps associated with travel. Stephanie brings up two things I think some of you will find interesting, one of which I’m certain to try.  First, she talks about […]

The New American Is Listening. Are We Headed For Greater Heights?

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that I’m skeptical about the American-US Airways Merger.  And, it really isn’t all just about US Airways, either.  When Delta and Northwest merged, their elites generally weren’t very happy.  But, everyone survived. Then, United and Continental merged.  There were disastrous computer issues, some elites saw their upgrade percentage mimic the trajectory of some European Union country’s currency.  There were “over entitled” elites.  And, it’s not really over. Even without considering the differences between US Airways and American there are plenty of reasons […]

Pizza In The News: The New York Times Is A Bit Skeptical About The American and US Airways Merger

Maybe you haven’t heard, but American Airlines and US Airways are planning on merging into one carrier that would become the largest of the legacy US carriers (alongside a similarly sized Delta and United).  It’s been a long road, and along the way I’ve been skeptical this would lead to a better airline overall. The New York Times decided they wanted to dig a bit deeper on those concerns, and The Getaway columnist Stephanie Rosenbloom (if you don’t read her column now, you need to) has asked the tough questions a […]

MegaDO Media!

Apologies for being away from the blog for a few days.  Getting caught up from the MegaDO and work travel have bogged me down.  I’m on my way to Frequent Traveler University right now, but I wanted to share with you a new piece on StarMegaDO4. Stephanie was along for the ride and shares her perspective on her first MegaDO.  Some of my favorite quotes from her article: “Do not hold up the drink cart in the aisle,” he said. Alcohol is as much a part of MegaDos as jet […]

More Promising News In The Fight Against Cancer

A brief break from miles and points to talk about something else close to my heart. The NY Times has an article today about an end-stage leukemia patient who went through two relapses and is somehow in remission. Now, this patient happened to be a research doctor who specialized in….leukemia.  After years of fighting, it looked like he was out of options.  Instead, through some new research into gene sequencing, he’s in remission with every chance to live a healthy life. He’s not the only patient to use this sort […]

American Airlines Very Close To Deal With Pilots Union

The New York Times is reporting that AA is very close to a deal with it’s pilots union.  I may be whistling past the graveyard, but I think this is excellent news. AA and the pilots have been fighting negotiating for virtually 4 years.  The pilots represent one of AA’s biggest expenses and certainly it’s biggest labor expenses.  The bankruptcy judge was due to rule today on whether AA could terminate the contract and impose harsh terms on the union.  In my opinion, the judge was pretty much a lock to […]