More Promising News In The Fight Against Cancer

A brief break from miles and points to talk about something else close to my heart.

The NY Times has an article today about an end-stage leukemia patient who went through two relapses and is somehow in remission.

Now, this patient happened to be a research doctor who specialized in….leukemia.  After years of fighting, it looked like he was out of options.  Instead, through some new research into gene sequencing, he’s in remission with every chance to live a healthy life.

He’s not the only patient to use this sort of technology.  Steve Jobs talks about gene sequencing in his biography/autobiography.  It seems likely his life was extended through gene sequencing.

The bottom line for people that don’t follow such things closely is that these seem to be real breakthroughs.  And, while such treatment is only available for rich people or people in the right places, it’s a great step towards an eventual cure for such things.

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