Mergers and acquisitions

Dissecting The AA/US Response TO DOJ On Trial Scheduling

It’s been an interesting few weeks to follow the DOJ intervention into the merger between American Airlines and US Airways. I’ll admit to being surprised when maybe I shouldn’t have with DOJ weighing in. But, I don’t think I’m in the wrong when I say that DOJ has been a bit sloppy here and there with their prose so far.  I don’t necessarily think their position that a merger is anti-competitive is “wrong”, but I do think they could have positioned their arguments better so far.  And, as a consumer, I […]

WSJ Reporting AMR To Officially Entertain Merger and Investment Offers Sooner Than Later

Definitely a bit of a surprise to me.  WSJ is reporting that AMR (parent of American Airlines) will look at merger and investment opportunities in the next few weeks. It’s even more surprising considering AA won the right last week to continue to control it’s own destiny in bankruptcy through the end of the year. The only thing I can think of is that the creditors committee, while supporting the extension, are exerting considerable pressure behind the scenes on AA to consider mergers now as opposed to later. I’m still […]